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lifeinsurance.cbiz Conversion Opportunities

Like any asset, life insurance should be periodically reviewed and updated to meet your client’s changing needs. Deciding whether or not to convert a term policy into a permanent life insurance policy is an important decision and should be a catalyst for reviewing your client’s current and future financial needs.

Being able to convert to a permanent policy is a great option to have in the event that circumstances in your client’s life changes such as failing health or maybe just the realization that coverage is needed for a longer period of time than originally anticipated.

Your Clients Should Consider Converting If:
  • Your client’s health has declined since they purchased their policy and a medical exam would not be to your client’s benefit.
  • Your client needs life insurance beyond their current term policy limits.
  • Your clients are in their 50s or 60s and need additional retirement saving vehicles.
  • Your client wants to build up cash value inside a permanent policy, either for retirement income or future needs.
  • Your client is concerned about estate taxes or wants to leave a legacy to family or a favorite charity.
  • Your client needs an additional tax-deferred investment option.

Start the conversations today. Download our conversion brochure and share with your clients. For your convenience, our brochures can be customized with your contact information and easily shared. Contact our Lifetime Case Management team.

Don’t miss this opportunity. Contact our experts today to discuss why converting term to permanent life insurance may be the best option for your client.

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