Welcome to the CBIZ Life TeleApp Portal

Our TeleApp portal links you to our carrier’s latest online technology. By submitting your applications electronically your client’s application will arrive in good order and be placed and paid quickly with minimal paper. Once the E-app is received, the carrier will contact your client for a phone interview and work with CBIZ Life to complete the case and deliver the policy to you.

You must be a licensed life insurance agent and be appointed by the carrier you would like to do business with under CBIZ Life Insurance Solutions. To get appointed with any of the carrier’s shown below, please email us at lifelicensing@cbiz.com.

For additional assistance, please contact Shauna Ausfeldt at 858.444.3115 or via email at sausfeldt@cbiz.com.

Get Started by Clicking on the Carrier  Instructions Below

Why Use TeleApp?

  • Producer Pain Point – Lengthy Application – Too Time Intensive
  • Carrier Conducts Phone Interview with Client
  • Carrier Orders any Needed APS
  • Expedited Process
  • Check Status on line at www.cbizlife.com
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